Looking to make money on YouTube without making videos? Here are several easy methods to get started:

  • Curate and Promote: Create playlists of popular videos in a niche. Share these playlists on social media to drive traffic.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Leverage other people’s content to review products and include affiliate links. Learn more about affiliate marketing on Shopify.
  • Sponsor Channels: Invest in lesser-known, high-potential YouTube channels. Negotiate a share of their ad revenue as they grow.
  • Use Creative Commons: Re-upload and monetize videos licensed under Creative Commons. Be sure to adhere to the guidelines found on YouTube.
  • Automated Content: Utilize tools to convert text articles into engaging video content. For instance, check platforms like Vidnami.

By harnessing these strategies, you can successfully earn on YouTube without the need for original video creation!

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